Osprey Nest Platform Visitor – Eagle

Shortly after sunrise, the hazy clouds broke for a moment and the sun reflected the distance buildings onto the water down Cambridge Creek.  Standing at my slider door sipping a cup of coffee, I was mesmerized with the colors as well as the ducks below me who were already busily diving for food.

A Bald Eagle came out of nowhere and landed on our community’s Osprey nest platform that was still shaded.

_DSC0040-2 2619

Bald Eagle


_DSC0010-1 2619

Bald Eagle


Just sittin’ on the dock platform on the bay creek….

_DSC0315-2 2619

Bald Eagle


Even though it glanced down at the Lesser Scaup and Ruddy Ducks below, the Eagle didn’t seem interested, which I was relieved.  Even the ducks didn’t seem alarmed, which I thought was odd.

_DSC0324-2 2619

Bald Eagle – getting some of the sun’s lighting through the hazy clouds finally


This Bald Eagle has almost reached full adult.  You can see the dark spot of feathers on the top of its head and the tail still has a dirty-look.  In the photos further below, you can also still see some blotchy-white spots on the wings while in flight.

_DSC0301-1 2619

“Scratchin’ An Itch”


Almost an hour later, as the sun was peaking again, it was time to go.  Of course.

_DSC0382-2 2619


_DSC0383-1 2619


_DSC0384-1 2619


The Bald Eagle flew gracefully down the creek, past the Dorchester County Office Building, and out towards the Choptank River.

_DSC0390-1 2619.jpg


“May you soar on Eagle wings, high above the madness of the world.”
— Jonathan Lockwood Huie

What a delightful way to begin the day!



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