Canada Geese Taking Flight

Just after sunrise on Valentine’s Day, I watched a skein of Canada Geese fly into and land in the still-shaded waters of Cambridge Creek.

They slowly swam their way up to and past me, coming to the creek’s end.  The sun was now high enough to lighten up the water, giving awesome reflection opportunities.

_DSC0081-1 21419

Canada Goose


_DSC0080-1 21419

Canada Geese


The sail boat masts and piers were reflecting cool patterns around them as the water got brighter and a slight breeze kicked up.

_DSC0085-1 21419

Canada Geese


Unable to go any further, the stopped geese looked around and at each other.

Then the loud honking began.

Plans were discussed.

An agreement was made.

And then their take-off started.


I’ve seen this scenario so many times.  But this time, instead of locking on and following several as they took off, I stood camera-steady and held down my shutter button, surprisingly getting 14 images before my camera and battery said, “enough, we need to catch up!”

The Canada Geese efforts as well as their flight and water patterns that developed were pretty cool and I thought enjoyable to share.

To see these best, click on the first image to follow through the sequence.


Canada Geese taking flight


Did you notice the pair of Ruddy Ducks in the top left corner of the photos?  Luckily, they didn’t get run over!   😊



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