We came up on a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree hanging over the road.  Not another car in sight so my husband was able to stop underneath it.  I shot this through our car’s sunroof, taking a quick half dozen photos.

With no time to be choosy to set up, these are the kind of opportunities that are all about luck with focus and how the branches play out on the face.

It is a shame I caught little branches across its face; but I still love this shot, the only one worth keeping.


_DSC0247-4 21419

Bald Eagle


He definitely locked his eagle-eye on us.  Getting an opportunity to look down into our car, there’s no telling what this Bald Eagle was thinking as it watched us drive away.

Besides “crazy people”….

(photo taken along Key Wallace Drive, Blackwater NWR)



31 thoughts on “Eagle-Eye

  1. I love it when a wild bird or mammal looks directly at me, because you’ve affected their thoughts. I, too, always wonder what they’re thinking. Great to have the opportunity to use your car as a blind, Donna, or this beauty would’ve been long gone.

    • Thanks, Jet, I do, too. We were already driving a slow speed from just having stopped for a hawk (next post) about 1/2 mile back, and we just slowly rolled underneath until I told my husband to stop when I saw him above. We had a good laugh after we left, I figured I probably didn’t get a clear enough shot anyways. Who knew?!! hee hee 🙂

  2. A serendipitous opportunity and a great capture Donna. As I’m sure you will agree, it can be especially challenging to get just a single AF point quickly locked onto the eye instead of one of the nearby branches! Well done!

  3. Wow!, beautiful. How did you and your hubby get right under him without him flying away? That’s amazing that you could get this shot!

    • Thank you, Diane! We had already stopped for the RTHawk (last post) just prior down the road and was only going maybe 15-20 mph if that so hubby just let off gas while opening up sunroof, coasted under him and then just stopped. I couldn’t believe the Eagle didn’t take flight either! It was a very quick 20-second stop. 🙂

  4. Love this one! Branches and all! Most of all I appreciate that intense look and the perfect focus. I’ve come to totally rely on autofocus since my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Dodging those branches gets to be a real challenge. But the handy and helpful husband sure helps… a lot! In my case, he’s my spotter though he did compliment me on spotting the shrike the other day! I’m learning.

    • Thank you, Gunta! That was the only shot focused enough to share, lol. I was surprised I even got one decent shot, it was such a quick stop, shoot, go moment! 🙂 Yay on your shrike spotting!

  5. The eagle feels no threat coming from you and looks at you casual and relaxed. If he were worried about your presence he would have measured your distance already, looking with both eyes at once and straight head. He probably just thought ” Who’s that good looking gal?”
    I’m back from vacation Donna!. Good shot! 🙂

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