Red-tailed Hawk

Just up the road prior to the Bald Eagle shared in my previous post, we first saw a Red-tailed Hawk perched on the power lines running along my side of the road.

We stopped and I photographed the hawk out my car window.  The Bald Eagle may have given me its eagle-eye, but not this hawk.  The Red-tailed Hawk never changed it’s stare to the field below.


_DSC0211-2 21419

Red-tailed Hawk


That last photo and the previous Bald Eagle photo were taken a few days ago.  Today, while riding down Key Wallace Drive again, we saw the Red-tailed Hawk perched in the same area on the power lines.  And again, the hawk never broke its stare down to the field below while I took photos.


_DSC0055-2 21919

Red-tailed Hawk


I am sure it was watching something more interesting than me both times!

(photos taken along Key Wallace Drive, Blackwater NWR)



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