Red-tailed Hawk

Just up the road prior to the Bald Eagle shared in my previous post, we first saw a Red-tailed Hawk perched on the power lines running along my side of the road.

We stopped and I photographed the hawk out my car window.  The Bald Eagle may have given me its eagle-eye, but not this hawk.  The Red-tailed Hawk never changed it’s stare to the field below.


_DSC0211-2 21419

Red-tailed Hawk


That last photo and the previous Bald Eagle photo were taken a few days ago.  Today, while riding down Key Wallace Drive again, we saw the Red-tailed Hawk perched in the same area on the power lines.  And again, the hawk never broke its stare down to the field below while I took photos.


_DSC0055-2 21919

Red-tailed Hawk


I am sure it was watching something more interesting than me both times!

(photos taken along Key Wallace Drive, Blackwater NWR)



27 thoughts on “Red-tailed Hawk

      • Haha, yes they can. I’ve seen some of them up close due to injury and being forced to live out their lives in captivity and they are really interesting creatures. They have great eyesight, are beautiful and very focused. and they typically mate for life just like doves do. It was really fun to see them perched on their caretakers arm.

  1. This is such a beautiful bird! I wish I had them around the salt marsh, but have only spotted an occasional red-shouldered hawk. Great shots!

  2. Two fab photos Donna! My best guess is the hawk was focusing on a rodent dinner. It’s wonderful to watch them glide down from a tree top to snag some food. My daughter was fascinated with this hawk as a little girl, riding behind me on the Honda quad. She’d shout Red Hawk Tail! 😮☺️❤️

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