Mallard Time

Mallards are a pretty dabbling duck, especially when nice lighting brightens up the males’ iridescent green heads and both the male/female’s white-bordered, blue speculum wing patch.  They are an abundant, year-round resident in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Here are a few of my favorite images of our local Mallards since the first of the year.

_DSC0313-1 12219

“Mallards On Ice”
(41 total here!)


DSC_2372-1 12219

” Ice Steppin’ “


Male Mallard coming in for a landing


_DSC0200-3 11619

Male Mallard


_DSC0243-11 1-2-19

“Cruise at Sunset”


I wish I were more in focus on the male in this next photo of a Mallard Hybrid with a female Mallard.  The male hybrid is a Mallard/Northern Pintail mix.

It looks quite different seeing a blue bill on a Mallard instead of bright yellow bill, doesn’t it?!!


_DSC0108-2 21919

Male Mallard/Northern Pintail Hybrid with a female Mallard


Here is a male Northern Pintail for comparison.

_DSC0668-3 11418

Male Northern Pintail (blue bill)


Finally, another flight series of a male Mallard coming in for a landing.

“Look out!”


Thankfully, there were no casualties when he landed!  🙂



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