King Goose of Cambridge Creek

The Canada Geese continue to fly into Cambridge Creek for short periods of time almost daily.  In addition to great photo ops, they also provide some hilarious entertainment.

Here’s one of those funny times.

Hearing a honking ruckus outside, I looked out and saw a Canada Goose perched on top of our community’s Osprey nest platform.  (Bella would be horrified!)


_DSC0025-1 21819

“Hey, guys, look at me!  I am king of the creek!  Woot Woot!”


_DSC0022-1 21819

“Wow, there’s a pretty good view up here.”


_DSC0024-1 21819

“Whoa…’s still a long way down too.”



_DSC0026-1 21819

“Now what am I going to do….and where’s Gertie?”



_DSC0036-1 21819

“I am King, yes I am!”


_DSC0037-1 21819

“Is anyone listening to me?  Gertie?”


_DSC0028-1 21819

(some grumbled “no’s” and a few giggles could be heard…)


_DSC0039-1 21819

            “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”                     “Move, I want to be king of the creek!”


_DSC0040-1 21819

“No!”                                                                       Yes!”


_DSC0041-1 21819

(extremely loud, heated words were further exchanged…)


_DSC0047-1 21819

“I told you you are not landing…..hey, hey, what are you doing?”              “hee hee hee hee”


_DSC0050-1 21819

“Fine!  You can have you’re so-called kingdom!”              “That’s right, now be gone!”


_DSC0053-1 21819

“Huh.  Who’d he think he was, trying to take my kingdom.”


_DSC0054-1 21819

“Hey, guys, wait.  I’m just playing around!  Where are you going?”


_DSC0107-1 21819

“I guess we should wait.  Gus is such a goof, but he does make us laugh….”


_DSC0056-1 21819

“Watch out, Gertie, here I come!”


_DSC0057-1 21819



_DSC0058-1 21819

“Gus, when are you ever going to stop fooling around & grow up?!”
“Hopefully never, Gertie, hopefully never!”


And the king swam off with his queen, catching up with their royal family.

The End



48 thoughts on “King Goose of Cambridge Creek

  1. I think you’re ready for next year’s Oscar my friend… I see acts like that in the House of Congress! “The King of the gaggle” might be an appropriate title…maybe. Thanks Donna! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Jane! I wondered that too, but to tell you the truth, he went from King to bewildered, looking left, right, left, right, like saying to himself, how in the heck am I ever going to get down from here. He did make me laugh as I watched and took photos.

    • Bella would have had that goose off her home in a split second, lol.

      You know, Denise, I did think about doing a book on B&B’s 2018 season. There are several “Osprey” season books in print, one specifically from the Chesapeake Bay area, not too far from where I live, called “Inside An Osprey’s Nest” (I have the book). It was supported/backed by the Chesapeake Conservancy who is partnered with and also supplies a webcam on the Osprey nest. I didn’t see how I could compete with a sort of ‘repeat’ of their gorgeous book. 😊

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