A Snowy Owl Sighting

A rare and thrilling opportunity to see an immature, female Snowy Owl hit the local area ‘bird’ news March 8th, sighted near Grasonville at Kent Narrows waterway channel in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Home is far north of the Artic Circle where Snowy Owls spend their summers hunting the vast, open tundra for lemmings, ptarmigan, and other prey in 24-hour daylight.  Generally, Snowy Owls migrate in winter to southern Canada and the northern half of the United States.

_DSC0036-2 31119

Snowy Owl (immature female)


This Snowy Owl has been leisurely sitting and sleeping atop the waterfront seafood restaurants’ roofs as well as townhouse rooftops across the creek at different times of the day.

_DSC0068-1 31119

Snowy Owl (immature female) looking towards a noise she heard


Her sighting was an hour away for me.  My travels yesterday put me about 20 minutes of the vicinity so I gave it a shot to see if I could spot this rare beauty.  I easily found her, napping.  The lighting was hazy sunny and she hardly moved for the ten minutes I watched her.

_DSC0110-1 31119

“Sleeping Snowy”


No, she’s not sitting on a sandy beach or atop a dune or snow drift like so many others’ beautiful captures shared.

But I am still elated to have gotten so close with a Snowy Owl.  It was one of those lifetime birding experiences.



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