Welcome Home, Chesapeake Bay Osprey

My post of March 5th, “Watching For Osprey” discussed the impending return of the Osprey to the Chesapeake Bay area.

Osprey are returning!  For me, March 12th was my first sighting of an Osprey.  I saw it from my balcony across the creek on the utility tower.   This tower was one of Bella and Beau’s perches (our community’s Osprey pair from last season).

Hmmmmmm….could this be Beau?  Sorry, too soon to tell!

_DSC0004-1 31219

Osprey on utility tower


_DSC0004-2 31219

Osprey close-up


March 13th we passed through the Grasonville area (sighting of the Snowy Owl in my last post, no sighting again).  There on Rt. 50 in Grasonville I saw my second Osprey on the Exit 44A sign as we started exiting for a planned fuel stop (Wawa station) just before the Osprey & its nest.

Perfect because that Wawa gas station provides very easy viewing and photo-taking opportunities of this nest and family.  This has been an active Osprey nest for many years, and I’ve posted on in years’ past when I previously lived in this area.

The first photo I shot yesterday below gives you a view of this nest atop a pole which is directly in the center of a three-lane dual highway.  Heavy traffic zooms pass this Osprey nest daily throughout the Osprey season (summer traffic is crazy-heavy).  And yet they have prevailed here year after year.  Amazing!

(sooooo terrible photo, don’t know why I took only one and assumed I focused…for shame…)

_DSC0119-1 31319

Osprey nest left, in the center of a heavily-traveled three-lane dual highway (poor shot)



Highway that gets quite heavy with traffic
(taken with my cell phone when getting back onto Rt. 50)


_DSC0140-1 31319.jpg

The Osprey that has returned on Rt. 50 Grasonville, MD (photo 3/13/19)


Passing over Kent Island, MD, today, I saw another Osprey gliding over Rt. 50 near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge; and then a little later another one flying over Rt. 50 just north of Easton, MD.

The Chesapeake Bay Osprey are returning, and they are right on schedule.

Welcome home, Osprey!



35 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Chesapeake Bay Osprey

  1. This means that Ospreys should be making their appearance in New Jersey perhaps in a week or so. That nest in the center of a highway is amazing. They must like the noise of cars whizzing by. 🙂

    • Yep, watch your sky & local perches, Hien!! On that nest in the highway center, you wonder what they do think of all those things passing by and making noise underneath them. I’ve wondered too about the emissions and population the vehicles produce, but it must not faze them, thank goodness!

  2. Thanks for the update on Kent Island. I haven’t seen or heard any in our cove yet, but I recall that last year our “Betty and Barney” were a little later than the rest getting back to home base. I have mixed feelings, knowing that once the osprey pair return we won’t be seeing the bald eagles around our cove as often.

  3. They are a lovely and welcoming sight! I sure Bella and Beau make it back and are much better nest builders. We know they’re fierce defenders of the nest. Let’s hope that too is fiercer now that they’re older and have some experience and those heckler Osprey don’t have a chance this year.

    • Thank you, Deborah! We definitely hope Beau took a class on nest building while in the tropics, lol. Yes, another year surviving will have made them more fierce and protective. I’m hoping too that the other local Osprey pair has their own success with eggs and a family this season, that’ll keep them home and busy, and no time to mess with Bella and Beau. 🙂

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