Canvasbacks and Redheads

The ducks that winter around the Chesapeake Bay region will soon be gone.  Numbers seen are diminishing at different locations, including our creek.

It’s been a splendid season, with many photo opportunities, challenging fun, and a lot of lucky moments for me.

In my next few posts, I’ll finish up with some more of my favorite duck shots not already shared this season.

I’ll begin with the Canvasbacks and Redheads, both that sport a gorgeous ‘red’ head.  These two ducks will be migrating back to the northern mid-West United States, Alaska, and Canada for their summer breeding.

Some get confused on the difference between these two ‘red-headed’ ducks.  The easiest is to look for the color difference of the two ducks’ bills.

_DSC0238-1 31519

Redhead (center blue bill) surrounded by male and female Canvasbacks (black bills)


Male Redhead                   (note the bill differences)                    Male Canvasback


Both are beautiful ducks!

More images of the Canvasbacks….

Canvasbacks (males)


Canvasbacks coming in for a water-landing


And more of the Redheads.

Redheads (male)


A final of the two, giving the double-eye stare.

“Double-eye Stares”


We will miss these wintering ducks!



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