American Wigeons & Mallards

Two more winter ducks that have been gracing our area are American Wigeons and Mallards.

The American Wigeons will quickly be leaving us and heading back to their breeding grounds in the U.S. mid-West and Canada.

_DSC0043-1 31519

American Wigeons



_DSC0289-1 31519

American Wigeon (male)


The Chesapeake Bay region hosts Mallards year-round but some do venture a little further south where it’s a little warmer (who can blame them!).  We may also receive winter migrants from Canada.

_DSC0672-12 3919

Mallard (male)


“Snoozin’ Time”                                                               “Dinner Time”


Mallards in flight and landing


_DSC0110-1 31519.jpg

Mallard Profile


The winter ducks have been fun stuff!  😊



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