Shoveler, Goldeneye, & Long-Tailed Ducks

Three more winter ducks that are departing the Chesapeake Bay region to head back to their summer breeding grounds are Northern Shovelers, Long-tailed Ducks, and Common Goldeneyes.

The Northern Shovelers will be heading back to the northern mid-West United States and Canada for their summer mating.

Northern Shovelers at Blackwater NWR


As I mentioned in previous posts, we had the privilege of watching a male Common Goldeneye spend much of his winter on Cambridge Creek.  He will be migrating back to Canada for his summer.

_DSC0107-1 123018

Common Goldeneye (male)


A drive down to Hoopers Island netted me this pair of Common Goldeneyes.

_DSC0217-2 3919

Common Goldeneyes (female & male)


And last for this post, but not least, is this handsome male Long-tailed Duck who also spent a lot of his winter on Cambridge Creek.  His summer breeding grounds are in the Artic.  He sure has a long way to go!

_DSC0057-2 31519

Long-tailed Duck (male)


_DSC0050-3 31519

Long-tailed Duck diving


This post leaves me with the Lesser Scaup for my last ‘winter duck’ posts.  Although most have already departed, we still have a few Scaup stragglers hanging out on the creek.

Along with a pair of new arrivals…..   😊



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