Eagles At Rest


Since I am on a recent posting ‘kick’ with Bald Eagles, I’ll finish it off with some recent perched shots of several at rest.


_DSC0158-1 3919

Bald Eagle – Upper Hooper Island, Maryland


_DSC0725-1 41419

Another day, same tree – Bald Eagle – Upper Hooper Island, Maryland


_DSC0383-1 12219

Bald Eagles on Osprey webcam/platform – Blackwater NWR
(unfortunately, to date Osprey have not occupied this platform)


_DSC0814-1 41419

Bald Eagle – Blackwater NWR


_DSC0799-1 41419

Same Eagle, head turned slightly, aware of juvenile Bald Eagle approaching for a fly-by


_DSC0136-1 2519

Bald Eagle at sunset – Blackwater NWR


An Eagle is beautiful and majestic, no matter the scene!



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