Eagles At Rest


Since I am on a recent posting ‘kick’ with Bald Eagles, I’ll finish it off with some recent perched shots of several at rest.


_DSC0158-1 3919

Bald Eagle – Upper Hooper Island, Maryland


_DSC0725-1 41419

Another day, same tree – Bald Eagle – Upper Hooper Island, Maryland


_DSC0383-1 12219

Bald Eagles on Osprey webcam/platform – Blackwater NWR
(unfortunately, to date Osprey have not occupied this platform)


_DSC0814-1 41419

Bald Eagle – Blackwater NWR


_DSC0799-1 41419

Same Eagle, head turned slightly, aware of juvenile Bald Eagle approaching for a fly-by


_DSC0136-1 2519

Bald Eagle at sunset – Blackwater NWR


An Eagle is beautiful and majestic, no matter the scene!



29 thoughts on “Eagles At Rest

    • Thank you, Hien! I have seen a pair of Eagles several times on Upper Hooper Island either flying or perched on an empty Osprey platform. It is always a single Eagle though in that tree that is someone’s front yard right along the road. It is hard to see into the tree line behind the houses for an Eagle nest, but I feel there is one there somewhere. We drive all the way to the end of the Hooper Islands lots of times, seen Eagles flying around there too. Very cool drive down, eat at Old Salty’s when you’re down there, awesome seafood!

    • Thank you, Ellen, there is an Eagle’s nest off to the right out of that image, so it is an awesome spot to be for a sunset and Eagle silhouette perch; sometimes you get lucky with the pair together, although right now the Mama Eagle is tending fulltime to her chicks. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jane! Sometimes I tend to forget their size as well, the one in the tree top photos on Upper Hooper Island was huge, we both couldn’t believe the size. Since the female is about 25% larger than the male, I wondered if it was a she. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tom! The return of the Osprey to the refuge was late, everyone was worrying why none were showing up. When we rode around the refuge outside the wildlife drive a week ago, I was quickly counting Osprey and was up to 14 before heading away from the refuge. Made me happy! The Eagles really don’t usually want to put up a fight with the Osprey, food is plentiful all around; it is the Osprey who do not want the Eagles near them and chase them away from the territory. But by the end of the day, they all get along enough to live near each other. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tom. How awesome to hear the Golden Eagle introduction near you, I hope you see one some day soon. I am still ‘looking’ for my first Golden Eagle sighting followed hopefully with a capture. There is one that migrates to an area 30 miles from me for the past winter. I went twice to look for it, but wasn’t lucky either time. 😦

    • Thank you, Ashley! That sunset location is ‘the spot’ to be for sunsets and Eagle silhouettes. There is an Eagle nest to the right out of the image where a pair has lived successfully for years.

  1. They are so majestic, don’t you think Donna? We have 2 nesting within walking distance of my home. I go there most days to see how they’re coming along but so far no eaglets. Your images are glorious!

  2. Great shots, Donna! I especially like the last one, at sunset. Before the ospreys returned I was seeing a bald eagle or two at least once a day around our cove on Kent Island. I’m not seeing them anymore, but am hoping that once we get our boat in the water we can motor down to where I discovered the nesting site of a pair of bald eagles last summer.

    • Thank you, Susan! We are getting ready to launch our boat, and I can’t wait to go up a couple creeks as well to go check out the Eagles we know of too. Happy boating and shooting!

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