Those Blues Are Great


A few more images to wrap up my favorite shots of our past winter Great Blue Herons.


_DSC0613-1 2719

Great Blue Heron – Reflection


_DSC0324-1 12219

Great Blue Heron – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”


_DSC0277-1 12219

Great Blue Herons – “The Chase”


_DSC0287-11 12219

Great Blue Heron – “Flight”


_DSC0073-1 21919

Great Blue Heron – “Habitat”


DSC_2291-1 12219

Great Blue Heron – “You Don’t See Me…Right?”


DSC_2315-3 12219

Great Blue Heron – “Head Shot”


Great Blue Herons around the Chesapeake Bay region are now nesting in rookeries and chicks are beginning to hatch.  Lots of heron excitement going on all around!

All photos above were taken at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge except the single wingspan “Flight” image, that flew below my balcony over Cambridge Creek.



44 thoughts on “Those Blues Are Great

    • Hi Sue, thank you! Sometimes a GBH will be below me on a pier and I don’t even know it til he takes flight and shoots out before me. I got lucky on that flight shot! 🙂

  1. Your second image makes me think of Mr Tootlepedal calling the GBHs “Mr Grumpy”. They’re all wonderful images of a favorite bird of mine, even he does look a bit put out at times! 😉

    • Thank you, Gunta! GBHs do give a grumpy look at times, especially when they know you’re watching them. 😉 I started to call the last shot “Mr Grumpy” because his look changed from the previous shot, giving me a look that “it’s time to move on, lady, I was here first”. 😊

  2. We have a few Herons that have taken up residence around the Eno River. I live across the street from it and I caught sight of one flying over the house. Wow.

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