A Hint of Yellow Crossing the Creek

A few days ago while photographing Bella & Beau, I caught a yellow flash out of the corner of my eye.

First thinking ‘bird’ (of course), I quickly realized it was a butterfly by the haphazard flying in the brisk breeze that was whisking it away.

DSC_0982-1 42219

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Nikon D750 f5.6 ISO-200 340mm (70-200mm lens + 1.7x converter)


It was so tiny against the creek’s water, I felt lucky to get the above one decent photo.

Here’s it is cropped.

DSC_0982-4 42219

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
(above photo cropped to this version)


Not your typical butterfly image that so many of you capture so beautifully perched on a stunning flower or plant.

Just a unique shot of one flying over a creek, hoping to make its way back over to land.

Shortly after posting this, I received a request from a fellow blogger to use my cropped photo on her blog along with a poem she wrote:

Seafaring Butterfly
— poem by Liz Cowburn
(her blog: Exploring Colour)

There’s a life for me across the sea
I hear the sirens sing
Flowered meadows bloom forever
Streams of nectar flow
Honeyed scents are calling me
Carried on a gentle breeze
And I’m enticed to cross the sea
On golden wings with fine black trim
My course is set for that far shore
This will be my home no more


How lovely, Liz!  This is quite an inspiration and thrill to me that you were inspired to write a poem from my capture.  Thank you very much!



28 thoughts on “A Hint of Yellow Crossing the Creek

  1. It really sticks up against the green waters of the creek. This species of butterflies always visit my front porch, they love the butterfly bush little flowers. They are beautiful! You made a good capture there my friend. 🙂

  2. Donna, I love the photo so much I’ve written a poem to go with it.. would you allow me to post your cropped photo on my blog along with my poem, and I’d clearly credit you and link back?

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