Laughing Gulls

An errand took us towards southern Delaware; afterwards we swung over to Rehoboth Beach to enjoy the boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean views.

An occasional Laughing Gull would fly overhead…..looking for a snack, of course.

DSC_3925-1 5719

Laughing Gull


And, of course, it only takes one to find a snack to draw a crowd.


DSC_3932-1 5719


Why are they called Laughing Gulls?  Take a LISTEN   (Courtesy of


DSC_3936-1 5719


DSC_3924-1 5719


I’ve not photographed Laughing Gulls a lot so this was a treat for me to get some nice close-ups.


DSC_3926-1 5719

Laughing Gulls


DSC_3935-1 5719

Laughing Gull


Once the french fry was gone, so were the Laughing Gulls, off to find another!



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