Bald Eagle – A Survivor

A couple weeks ago, Osprey Bella began alarming loudly to Beau perched nearby.  I looked at Bella’s eye direction and saw the Bald Eagle coming towards her and me.

The Eagle, as most do, was just passing overhead in his travels from one destination to another.

DSC_1621-1 42919

Bald Eagle with one leg


No matter how many times I see an Eagle, each additional time is just as exciting.

DSC_1627-1 42919

Bald Eagle with one leg


DSC_1628-1 42919

Bald Eagle with one leg


If you noticed my photo captions, this Eagle has only one leg.  It wasn’t until I reviewed my photos days later that I noticed this.

I hesitated on sharing these photos because I didn’t want to portray sadness or upset anyone.

But this isn’t what I see.

I see what I saw that day I photographed it, a magnificent, gorgeous Eagle in flight across the beautiful blue skies.  And I see a celebration of life of the wild.

My hope is you see that too.



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