Flight Delights

Hanging out on my balcony watching Osprey pair, Bella & Beau, is never boring.  There is always something to practice shooting.

Many of you know, I love the challenge of flight.  Guarantee, if it’s flying by, I’m going to try and capture it.

Hang on, we’re going flying!


_DSC0570-2 41819



DSC_1511-2 42819

Great Blue Heron


_DSC0435-1 41719

Double-crested Cormorant


DSC_2186-1 5619

Barn Swallow


DSC_0187-1 41819

Canada Goose


DSC_1892-1 5319

Great Blue Heron


DSC_0059-2 41819

Great Blue Heron Close-up
(check out his tongue!)


_DSC0337-1 41719

Laughing Gull


Barn Swallow swooping down to snatch something from the water


Yes, I’ll practice on anything in flight….

DSC_2001-1 5419

F-16 Fighting Falcon screaming pass (oops, not a bird!)


DSC_2673-1 51019

Canada Geese


DSC_0512-1 42019

Double-crested Cormorant


Barn Swallows


DSC_1894-1 5319

Great Blue Heron


DSC_3137-1 51719



DSC_4492-1 52519

Wasp (to be silly)


DSC_2266-1 5719

Green Heron


DSC_2720-1 51019

Double-crested Cormorant


DSC_2566-1 5919

Great Blue Heron


(click to enlarge for reflections)


DSC_0064-1 41819

Great Blue Heron


DSC_0068-1 41819

Great Blue Heron


DSC_3853-1 51819

Double-crested Cormorant


“Such a delight to the day to enjoy birds on the way.”
~ author unknown



71 thoughts on “Flight Delights

  1. Great series, and I agree, good practise. I was coming back home after shooting blossoms in the neighbourhood and a crow flew by right at my eye level and I just admired it. I had my camera with me but didn’t use it.Huh.,

  2. Great collection of flight shots Donna! I suspect the Barn Swallow may have been going after an insect on the surface of the water. As I’m sure you know, they are incredibly fast can change direction in a split second, making them especially tough to capture in flight. Nicely done!

  3. Donna, your photos have me saying wow! And interrupting Paul from whatever he’s doing as I pass across my iPad to show him some of them, more than any other blog that I follow. You truly are very gifted at bird photography. I always find it difficult to choose a favourite. Today your introductory photo and the third one of the cormorant had me wowing – then the duck with the bright purple on his wings, and the Canadian geese, honestly I couldn’t pick a favourite.

  4. A great series of images of birds in flight, so well captured. I haven’t got the hang of that yet. Well done.

    • Thank you, Ellen! I am so thankful for what I am so lucky to see so darn easily. I’ve already got several ‘new’ flights I’m excited to share. It gets to be overload, LOL, I am so spoiled to boot….. 🙂

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed flying alongside everyone here, Donna. I heard myself gasp several times, and when I got to the enlarged bubbles an “Oh God” came out of me! Flight photos are so difficult, it is easy to see you have been practicing for a very long time, to have become so skilled. I have watched mallards, for instance, fly, and their wingbeat is so fast, getting a graceful pose like you have is very difficult. The GBH close-up with the tongue is truly astounding. Green heron silhouette very cool. Cormorant from above (#3) is stunning. The boats and your home in the bubbles is other-worldly. Got a smile out of the fighter jet and enjoyed the wasp too. Fantastic!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Jet, my smile is as wide as can be. 😊 I have been shooting birds for about ten years now; I took a couple local community college Photography 101 classes to learn the basics and have been having fun ever since. Three and a half years retired from a stressful, long-hours’ 30 year contractor business, I’ve finally gotten a chance to slow down and enjoy nature. I have found a hobby that I adore, hubby will probably say obsess, lol. He’s a champ for sure with my birds! I finally figured out where the bubbles were coming from because I didn’t know, there weren’t that many, couple kids along the marina were blowing them, some had climbed up into the sky. We all just love the ‘right place, right time’ opportunities, don’t we?!! ❤

  6. Wonderful flight delights, Donna! I have to say I much prefer the natural ‘flying machines’ to the man-made ones 🙂 Great captures!

  7. This is a lovely and well shot gallery! Kudos, Donna.
    Your home is situated at the right height to shoot these beauties! Thank you my friend, I enjoyed this post very much. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, HJ! I am indeed lucky and very thankful as well, I had no idea the variety as well as opportunities with birds I’d have when we rented this condo. Who knew with such a busy creek full of humans! (I knew hubby would love it and the boats, lol.) It’s been very rewarding and came at a perfect time as I’ve gone thru my 2nd year healing from my total knee replacement. You are so welcome, my friend, you have been a long-time birding inspiration to me. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Tom. I had to include that Barn Swallow shot just because of the background, which is sailboat masts reflecting on the water. 🙂 I am positive those swallows ‘toy’ with me (there are probably 50-60 living under the marina docks, with babies soon to be flying), I am still trying to get the perfectly sharp photo of one of them in flight. 😉

  8. Heh. Love your sense of humor. Stunning shots. My red blur is a poor comparison (and dumb luck). I had to laugh at the wasp, the bubbles and the F-1. The F-1 has been called a bird, before and an aircraft carrier referred to as a ‘bird farm’.

    I wish I had your skill…and equipment. But, sharing makes me smile.

    • Thank you! I was going to call the post “Winged Delights” which would have still worked for the F-1 & wasp, but left my bubble shots out. 😉 I love to hear I made someone giggle with my silliness! 😊 Laughter is so good for our soul. 🙂

      Cardinals are one of my top five fave birds! Have you heard the saying, “When a Cardinal appears, an Angel is near”? Since my Mom passed almost five years ago, I always think of her when I see one now. ❤ Your share included!!

      • Yeah. Bubbles don’t have wings…🤔

        I don’t recall the Cardinal saying but, the sentiment is lovely. 🌹 They certainly are charming birds. I routinely try to capture them, either a still or recording their songs.

  9. Not to be picky but, your F-1 looks a lot like an F-16 Falcon. F1 Mitsubishis were retired in 2006 (Japanese) and F1 Dassault Mirages (French) were retired in 2014 (limited use). I can’t find any other F1 fighter jets in use… There are F-16s at JB Andrews.

    • Thank you for your comments! I always appreciate a correction, and someone keeping me on my toes!! I don’t know anything about planes, so I had asked someone what they thought. 😉 I’ll make the correction, good eye! There were two, they were headed in a northwest direction from me towards Andrews. Also in that direction is NAVAIR at Patuxent,

      • I’ve been around a lot of military guys for years. I was married to the Corps for 12 years, my SO is a VN Seabee & a two close friends are retired Navy men. I hear about planes, ships, weapons & ammo all the time. My SO looked at your plane photo & said “That’s not an F1. F1s are from WWII.” I started digging. He was thinking about an FJ-1 Fury but, it pointed me in the right direction.

        I thought about Pax River, too but, couldn’t find an aircraft list. They are an NAS but, Falcons are, normally, Air Force.

        Judging by this:

        You captured an F16D that is part of the 113th D.C. Air National Guard stationed at JBA.

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