An American Robin Family

In a previous post back in March, I shared the return of our American Robins, who had a song to sing in the tree outside our bedroom window any time from 3:00 a.m. until after sunrise.

At that time, I had also noticed in another tree directly below my balcony a nest from last year’s season.

_DSC0066-1 33019

Nest from last year (taken 3/30/19)


It was a few weeks later, I thought about that nest again and looked down to find it was undergoing a tidy renovation.

DSC_0396-1 41919

Nest Under Renovation – 4/19/19


So that’s what those Robins were doing.

Their short-story in photos.

DSC_1405-1 42719

Incubation Time – 4/27/19


DSC_1708-2 43019

Beautiful Eggs – 4/30/19


As the tree leaves began to fill out, I could no longer see the nest.  It took breezy conditions to blow the leaves/branches out of the way enough for me to get the rest of these nest shots.

DSC_2013-1 5419

Keeping Those Eggs Warm – 5/4/19


DSC_2117-1 5619

Parent On Watch – 5/6/19


And then I saw a clue…..

DSC_2332-1 5919

Worm Tug of War – 5/9/19


DSC_2394-1 5919

Hanging Onto The Wiggle – 5/9/19


DSC_2401-1 5919

“This is not enough, is it?” – 5/9/19


I was elated with the day’s breezy conditions to try and actually capture these next shots.

DSC_2481-1 5919

Four Newborns – 5/9/19




DSC_2499-1 5919

Hungry – 5/9/19


DSC_2406-1 5919

Continuous Gathering of Worms – 5/10/19


DSC_2733-1 51019

Pile ‘0 Robins – 5/10/19


DSC_2745-1 51019

Hungry Mouths – 5/10/19


After those last two days, the winds died down and I was never able to see down in the nest again.

But I could hear them.  And I watched the parents stay busy.

DSC_3212-1 51719

On Watch – 5/17/19


DSC_3883-2 51819

Lots of Mouths to Feed – 5/18/19


DSC_4047-1 52019

Here’s the nest about six feet high off ground level – 5/20/19


DSC_4050-1 52019

Nest – 5/20/19


I eventually knew the Robins had fledged but could never spot them hiding in the flowerbed.

A few evenings ago, an hour before sunset, I heard a little one begging quite loudly, so I looked for him.

There he was….

DSC_4187-1 52419

Alone – 5/24/19


DSC_4179-1 52419

Between 2-3 weeks old – 5/24/19


DSC_4181-1 52419

“Doesn’t Anyone Hear Me???” – 5/24/19


DSC_4187-2 52419

“Cutie Pie” – 5/24/19


He suddenly hopped quickly out of sight to an incoming parent.  Food!

I can still hear a chirp-chirp on occasion but haven’t seen the babies since, most likely they are learning to fly short spurts and increasing that skill each day now.

The parents are still around, keeping a watchful eye.

DSC_4945-1 52619

Parent On Guard – 5/26/19


American Robins can successful lay 1-4 broods a year.

DSC_5837-1 52719

Parent at Sunset – 5/27/19


“Get ready for Round 2….”

DSC_5840-2 52719

“What???” – 5/27/19



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