Double-crested Cormorants

Although Osprey pair, Bella & Beau, have a dislike for them fishing near their nest platform, the prehistoric-looking Double-crested Cormorants are very shy, calm water birds, and are no threat at all.

I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to capture Double-crested Cormorants while they fish daily in our creek.  Here are some of my favorites I’ve shot recently….


DSC_1711-1 43019

“Flying High”


_DSC0437-1 41719

“Sliding in on a Landing”


_DSC0438-1 41719

“Touch Down”


DSC_2192-2 5619

“Mirrored Waters”


_DSC0463-1 41719

“Balancing Act”



“Dinner Time”


DSC_3849-1 51819

“Hopping Lift-Off”


DSC_3850-1 51819

“Almost Air Born”


One of the Cormorants that visits our creek often is banded on each leg, one with a silver band, the other with a yellow.  The silver band is probably a federal band designating either the United States or Canada.  The yellow band would be from a private group of banders.

Unfortunately, I cannot read either of the bands in any of my photos, but here’s a couple to show this Cormorant’s ‘ankle bracelets’.  Hopefully, it’s a gal, right?  😉

DSC_1861-1 41719

Double-crested Cormorant with a silver band on it’s left leg


DSC_1863-1 41719

Double-crested Cormorant with a silver band on it’s left leg


DSC_2126-1 51819

Banded – silver on left leg, yellow on right leg


It’s been pretty cool to see him/her return often.  I wish I could read the bands to know where it’s from!

I’ve tried numerous times to capture the small double crest of stringy black feathers that appear on each side of the Double-crested Cormorant’s head during breeding season, the reason for this bird’s name.  Here’s an attempt to show you.

_DSC0460-1 41719

“Double Crest Feathers”


Finally, here’s an up-close-and-personal instance just a few days ago with an immature who popped up fishing alongside us while we sat quietly on our boat in our marina.  It was a moment of surprise for each of us for sure.

DSC_5665-1 52719

Immature Double-crested Cormorant


DSC_5660-1 52719

Immature Double-crested Cormorant


DSC_5647-2 52719

Immature Double-crested Cormorant


DSC_5663-1 52719

Immature Double-crested Cormorant


I was rewarded well and very thankful with that two-minute photo-op moment.  🙂



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