Barn Swallows

With their aerial acrobatics, Barn Swallows are not easy to photograph, but I keep trying.

Fortunately, by our boat slip where they’re nesting underneath the docks, they will cooperate and pose nicely.

DSC_7837-1 6419

Barn Swallows


Sunny mornings and evenings, there are more photo ops than imaginable.


DSC_7788-1 6419



DSC_6352-1 52919

“Dock Line Swaying”


DSC_7689-1 6419

“Just Chillin’ in the Breeze”


DSC_6413-1 52919

“Blue Beauty”


Cool Fact:  Barn Swallows are the most widespread of all Swallow species — they’re found on every continent except Antarctica.



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