Bella & Beau 2019: One, Two, Three – Cute As Can Be

Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Region, USA

June 9, 2019

A week has passed since the last update, and it’s exciting to report Chick #1 now has two siblings!

DSC_8359-1 6619

All three chicks lined up for a feeding


DSC_8736-2 6919

Three Hungry Chicks


Bella & Beau checking out their new chicks.


Beau seems to give more looks of surprise, the looks are priceless.


Since the hatchings, Bella has become the full-time incubator and chick feeder, only taking breaks to exercise or wash, before being back to the nest in a flash.

Beau always seems nervous and bewildered when she goes.  He’ll glance at the chicks but keeps his eye on Bella the most.  What is he supposed to do?

“Come back, Bella!”


I am most sure Beau would rather be fishing, right?!  Of course, Beau now has to step up his game on quantity and size to feed Bella and three very hungry chicks.

Beau’s fish have indeed been been coming in bigger, and many with the head still attached.  Beau will have to find his nourishment inbetween runs best he can.

This specific instance, Beau was enroute with a fish and had to chase an Osprey intruder away before delivering it to Bella.  Talk about doing two things at once!  Go, Beau!


Another fish delivery….

DSC_8474-1 6719

Beau delivering a fish and Bella aggressively taking it


Bella will feed herself first, hungrily devouring the head and gills.  She then begins feeding the chicks the meatier portions in small bites.

Feeding Time


Feedings easily last 20-30 minutes.  Although Chick #1 is the biggest and most aggressive to grab the offered bites, Chick #2 is right in there alongside #1, getting his share.  Chick #3 is hanging back, sometimes not even up and trying, letting the older ones get their fill first.  But after a couple minutes, #3 tries to get in there for a bite.  Bella is awesome, ensuring #3 is getting his share too!  It can be very tough for the third chick to survive if food is scarce, even more so if any Osprey has four chicks.

After delivering, Beau gets out of the way, perching on the wood block until the feedings are done.  His job is to keep his eye to the sky for any intruders, alarming when necessary.

Beau alarming an intruder


We still have numerous Osprey flying overhead often, agitating Bella and Beau to no end.

Bella mantles over her chicks while she & Beau warn intruders


Beau would prefer to have a rest and scratch an itch, which always feels good.

Beau scratching an itch


While shooting the Barn Swallows around our marina, I can still see Bella & Beau’s nest, although it is at a distance farther than my balcony.

It was then an awesome photo-op moment occurred.  From the marina docks, I watched Beau fly to the nest with a fish.  Bella didn’t jump up like she always does, screaming and grabbing.

She just ignored him and stayed incubating.

DSC_7699-1 6419

Bella ignoring Beau’s fish delivery


Bella must have told Beau to “Shhhhh…the babies are sleeping, go!”

I watched Beau take flight and fly directly towards and past me…..

DSC_7702-1 6419

DSC_7705-1 6419

Beau in flight with a fish


And then he landed atop a sailboat mast six boat slips from where I stood.

DSC_7706-2 6419

Beau preparing to land on a sailboat mast


DSC_7709-2 6419



He seemed to be worried with something or someone behind him that I couldn’t see.

DSC_7708-1 6419


And then just as quickly, Beau took flight again and flew off towards the water tower where I imagine he either ate the fish or waited with it for Bella to call when time.


DSC_7711-2 6419

Beau departing the sailboat mast


Talk about a right place, right time moment.  It being Beau made it more special!

Starting today, we had and are due several days of rain showers.  Wet Springs are detrimental to recently born Osprey.  The female parent must try to keep them warm and dry best she can, and delay feedings if possible to not expose the fragile chicks to the extremes.

We’re sure Bella will do her absolute best during these rough times.

I’ll end with a comical series with Beau trying to help out with more nesting materials.  Bella gave Beau some looks, she is known to prefer to arrange her nest herself.



And a shot of beautiful Mama Bella.

DSC_8309-1 6619

Bella taking a break on a warmer day, giving the chicks some fresh air.



48 thoughts on “Bella & Beau 2019: One, Two, Three – Cute As Can Be

  1. I am speechless: this post has all the perfect photos for illustrating the life of these Ospreys and their chicks! Kudos to you, Donna for making such great efforts to capture all of these great Osprey moments for your readers.

    • Thank you so kindly, Hien, I am all smiles. 🙂 It does take quite a few hours to put together each B&B post, but I have a lot of fun doing it, selecting from the past week’s photos and putting the storyline together. Somehow it always seems to fall into place. Whew! Of course, the stars who make it all happen are Bella and Beau. 😊

  2. Wow! That was a surprise! Three chicks! Poor Beau, he’s going to be busy fishing all day!
    Great report and beautiful gallery my friend…THREE! 🙂

  3. They are so cute and I am happy to see how much they have learned from last year’s experience. They are working well as a team. Maybe beau is already worried that each year will add one more chick!

  4. Whoa… you’ve outdone yourself with this one… Such utterly amazing shots. The experience they both gained from last year is showing.

    The shot you captioned with: “Beau finally delivers the fish after successfully chasing the intruder away.” is marvelous! I tried to comment to it, but WP seems to be messing with that featured (as perhaps you discovered over at my blog?) This latest series is simply marvelous. I’d like to add individual comments if only WP would let me! 😦

    • Thank you, Gunta, I aim to please! (pun intended!) hee hee

      B&B are doing well, and poor Beau does try to please, I will give him credit. Bella’s one tough cookie, she knows what she wants when she wants. She sounds like me! 😉

      Poo on WP, yes I am having the single photo comment issue on yours & other sites too. 😦

  5. Wow Donna, these photos are so beautiful! The birds are beautiful and wonderful parents! I envy your photo skills my friend. 🙏🏻😎🤙🏻

  6. As always Donna, a wonderful series of photos and story line. I am jealous that you are up high enough to see the young chicks. In our nearby nest I can’t see them until they are big enough that their heads will poke above the ‘horizon’. So until then I have no idea whether there are two or three chicks in ‘my’ nest. And like you I am sorry about this bad streak of weather. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Thank you, Deborah, me too! I was just witnessed and am finally relieved that Beau brought a fish in, Bella was going nuts for over an hour. Poor Beau, he looks a bit tired. 😦

    • Let’s hope Bella & Beau got plenty of rest during the pre-hatching period, they’ll certainly be tested with three to care for now. Busy times three! Thank you, Ashley! 🙂

  7. Fantastic series on the success of this osprey family’s progress, Donna. Your photos and narrative were a delight, thank you. I espec. like the second photo labelled “Three Hungry Chicks,” seeing all three chicks with their mouths open, that’s wonderful.

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