Great Egret On The Wing

The Great Egret was posed beautifully alongside the road in a water canal on my side.  Since it was literally standing only 3 feet from the road trying to fish, it probably hadn’t had a car come along for a while; so, of course, it took flight as our car approached.

I shot three frames before he was out of my car window space.  I am still astonished that I got these to be worthy to share.

DSC_6022-1 72519

Great Egret


DSC_6023-2 72619

Great Egret


I’m so tickled with the above shot’s crispness, I decided to crop it next to share a closer look at these elegant birds.


DSC_6023-1 72519

Great Egret – cropped from the previous photo


It’s amazing how pure white they remain with all their daily trekking through the mud and waters.


DSC_6024-2 72519

Great Egret


Great Egrets fly slowly but powerfully.  With just two wing-beats per second, they can cruise at a speed of 25 mph.



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