Snowy Egret

We found this beauty alongside the road’s turn-around at the end on Hoopers Island.

DSC_9893-1 81819

Snowy Egret


We couldn’t help being so close to each other.  The Snowy Egret got nervous and quickly took flight.

DSC_9894-1 81819

Snowy Egret crouching to jump into flight


All I got in the next shot was the back of his body dangling in the upper corner of my photo, spraying water into the air.

DSC_9887-1 81819

Snowy Egret legs/feet


I missed the flight ops as he shot out of my car window’s range.  We got out to stretch our legs, see what else there was to photograph.  I saw the Snowy Egret circling back around giving me one more nice photo.

DSC_9905-1 81819

Snowy Egret “with something to say”


I think he wanted his spot back, which we obliged by moving on.  😊



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