An Eagle In Flight

A few days ago, my husband shouted, “Eagle!” Β  I was out the slider door and onto the balcony with my camera in-hand lickity split!Β  πŸ˜‰


I spotted the Bald Eagle flying down Cambridge Creek, make a U-turn, and head back my direction.Β  As it closed in, the Eagle then turned again and flew directly in front of me.


DSC_4158-1 10519

Bald Eagle
(no crop, only ‘sized’ for this post)



DSC_4159-1 10519

Bald Eagle
(since I caught him at the bottom of my frame, I cropped this shot)


I will never tire of the majestic Bald Eagle making a surprise appearance!



42 thoughts on “An Eagle In Flight

  1. I don’t think anybody would get tired looking at such gorgeous bird! Great captures, my friend. πŸ™‚

  2. Lucky you, Donna – and great shots! Yes, there is something special about bald eagles, and I can relate to your husband shouting “Eagle!”. We have the same reaction at our house when “Fox” is uttered – quick with the camera. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks David, I was super-happy with the puffy ‘cotton-ball’ clouds. That was the reason why I didn’t share a tight crop and show off the Eagle up close, I lost the sky effect that I loved. πŸ™‚

  3. You might try a 16:9 crop. Gets ride of some of top and bottom and you can close in on his tail having him fly into empty area in front similar to your second photo.

        • I was curious why you said a female, because my guess was the opposite. I already understand beak/head size differences, as well as feet/talons. There are two Eagles between the two posts, arriving together. When I compare the Eagle in flight with the Eagle on the platform (hard to do on my blog but I can on my computer easily), the Eagle on the platform actually looks larger/thicker, including the beak and feet, with a hefty rear talon.

          Another thought I had. I have numerous times seen a female Eagle try to aggressively take a meal from it’s mate. But I never seen a male try to take from a female. Have you? The Eagle in flight did not try to take the fish from the Eagle on the platform. No aggressiveness, no calls, just a few circle flights and then flew off.

          Now if they’d both would have landed together, we could certainly tell much easier!

          • I have never seen a male try to take a meal from its mate. They are not only polite but not stupid either! He knows she could kick his ass! Females are much larger. Size does matter.
            females will constantly bully their mates. Females will fly up and perch exactly where the male is forcing him to move very quickly to another spot.
            If they are together the size difference is obvious. The male will wait until she’s full and she almost always leaves him some.

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