One Perch – Two Hours – Three Big Birds

My last post featured a Bald Eagle captured in flight as it went up and down Cambridge Creek.

There was more to the story….Β  πŸ˜‰

It’s possible mate was on the Osprey nest platform.Β  (Oh, Osprey Bella would be so upset if she knew!)


DSC_4195-1 10519

Bald Eagle


Because there was no fighting or aggression between the two Eagles over the fish meal, I suspected they were mates.


DSC_4244-1 10519

Bald Eagle with a fish


The Eagle in flight did leave the area after flying past me, leaving this Eagle to finish its meal.


After the meal was gone, the Bald Eagle cleaned its beak alongside the wood


Did you notice the leg band above?Β  I discovered it when I downloaded my photos!Β  I unfortunately could not make out any numbers or letters.

Finally, a great Eagle profile when the sun shined.


DSC_4455-1 10519

Bald Eagle showing off its leg band


I checked a half hour later to see if the Eagle was still on the platform.Β  It was gone.

But look what I found in its place.


DSC_4515-1 10519

Great Blue Heron


Well, that was a pleasant surprise!


DSC_4497-1 10519

Great Blue Heron


The Great Blue Heron was just hanging out in the breezy conditions.Β  Nice!Β  I watched it off and on for a few minutes.


DSC_4554-1 10519

Great Blue Heron “one-legging it”


Less than a half hour later, I did a quick look; the Great Blue Heron was gone.

Oh, but now look what I found perched!


DSC_4588-1 10519

Turkey Vulture


While the Eagle was eating its fish, there was a Turkey Vulture soaring overhead, I’m sure keeping an eye on the platform and any possible leftovers.

But then that Great Blue Heron showed up after the Eagle departed.

Finally, with the Great Blue Heron gone, the Turkey Vulture could land and clean up the platform.


DSC_4580-1 10519

Turkey Vulture eating the remains of the fish


DSC_4577-1 10519

Turkey Vulture


This two-hour experience has me back to glancing at the platform more often, who knows what I might see on it next time!



42 thoughts on “One Perch – Two Hours – Three Big Birds

  1. How exciting to have so many visitors stop by πŸ™‚ Although I still feel “empty nest” syndrome following the Osprey family’s departure, it’s wonderful to see many other birds ❀

    • It was great, Takami, a highlight to my morning of chores! 😊 Yes, me too, it became so quiet so fast after they left. The local gulls and blackbirds use the platform regularly. But they’re not as exciting. πŸ˜‰

  2. That last photo is a great illustration of how the bird got its name. Where I used to work I would often see one or two turkey vultures on my way out of the office park area. I always thought the were one of the ugliest things on earth but yours does not look nearly so bad. πŸ™‚

    • Turkey Vultures do have a unique look of beauty, and I’ve not caught that very often in past years. I was very pleased with that last photo, you can almost see an iridescent coloring on the chest in the black/brown feathers. And, of course, spreading that tail like a turkey completed the ‘beauty’! 😊

    • 😊 The more visitors, the merrier! The local gulls and blackbirds have been enjoying it quite often since the Osprey left. But that morning’s three birds were pretty awesome!

    • It sure was that morning! The local gulls and blackbirds like to visit it a lot, hoping I’m sure there is something there to eat someone else left. πŸ˜‰ Thank you Belinda!

  3. That’s the magic platform! You might find a dragon the next time, Donna! πŸ™‚
    Your photos are great!

  4. This platform is like a bird stage for performances Donna, and you have a front seat with a seasons ticket to catch them all. Some beautiful captures Donna, that Turkey Vulture is an interesting one,

    • It sure is, Ashley! Years back when I had another Osprey family (Olivia & Oliver) on our property, it too was a fall/winter stage for other birds, especially Eagles. Thanks, the TVulture is quite unique looking, I am thrilled with my shot really showing the beauty of it. They are very important to our environment, always cleaning up the rotting carcasses that lay around. πŸ™‚

  5. How did you get so lucky to have so many different visitors to this convenient perch? That’s actually pretty funny. I’d hate to be the one to tell Bella.

    • I’m thinking it happens more times than I know, and I’m missing others. hee hee I’ve seen the GBH return to the platform a couple other mornings, but not daily. I’m with you, Bella would not be happy for sure. πŸ˜‰

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