Cambridge Creek Turtles

Two turtles that co-habitat together in Cambridge Creek.  As the season begins to change, they will both bury deep in the mud to hibernate and reappear in the Spring.


Diamondback Terrapins



Snapping Turtle “Curious Big Boy”



And the turtles, of course…
All the turtles are FREE
As turtles and, maybe,
ALL creatures should be.

— Dr Seuss




32 thoughts on “Cambridge Creek Turtles

  1. Great pictures Donna! We get both in our cove. Hmmmm – I wonder how many turtles are burying deep in the mud right now. I’ve seen enough turtles and snakes to know that I would never want to swim in our cove. 🙂 Hope to see you tonight at photo club.

  2. Nice looking critters! I’ve had encounters in Michigan over the years with Snappers, mean critters! They’d be right in the path of the big lawn mower at work, I’d have to hop off and scoot them along. Snap! Hiss! 😂

    • I enjoy watching them, Indira, there can be 5-8 at a time, just floating and swimming around, many will climb out to dry on braces underneath the docks at low tide. They exude peacefulness, such a great feeling! 😊

    • Thanks, HJ! Diamondback Terrapins live in brackish tidal waters and are abundant in the Chesapeake Bay, thanks to conservation efforts. They are also Maryland’s official state reptile. Snapping Turtles live in fresh to brackish waters. They are huge! Both thrive great around marshes. 🙂

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