Incoming Canada Geese


Our skies and waters are beginning to show the early arrivals of the thousands of migrating Canada Geese that will come to spend the fall and winter on Maryland’s Eastern Shore farms and marshes.


Canada Geese


Did you know?
Canada Geese pair up and mate for life.  That’s goose commitment!



30 thoughts on “Incoming Canada Geese

  1. The Canadians as I call them sometimes are so beautiful in flight, they remind me of airliners! That sleek and beautiful shape the birds have. Great photos Donna! ❤️😎

    • Thank you, John! I think they are beautiful in flight too and love looking closely at my photos to see the goose expressions and their glide. There can be a little comedy found sometimes! 🙂

    • Thank you, Ashley! In our area, the migrants go to the vast fields and marshes, stay out in the open, mind their own business, no bother to other wildlife. Their main thing is to find food and stay alive during the hunting season.

  2. I’m still waiting for our geese to make an appearance in our cove. But when they do it is quite noisy, so I’ll just be happy to wait. Great pictures though – thanks for sharing!


  3. I often wonder why the Canada Goose is so successful a species vs. others that aren’t as plentiful. Perhaps it is their adaptability and ease around humans.
    Squadrons of them have been stopping to overnight and glean the corn field across the river from us. Drives the dog crazy, but I love hearing and seeing them honking over the house. Wish I could head south with them!

    • I think you’re right, I suspect too it’s the abundant farm fields and marshes that feed them well. And, of course, there’s safety in large numbers with the few predators that they do have. We do have a heavy population of migratory geese, even with the hunting seasons each winter that allows large numbers to be bagged daily.

      Oh, I can imagine how your dog would just love to be able to chase after them. Good for him to let them know they’re not welcomed on his property! 🙂

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