Back to Birding and Nature

I knew I’d have to take a couple weeks’ break from blogging, and I had hoped to post my intention; but, well, our plans to hit the road came a few days sooner and there was no time.

We’ve been out west and picked up our new RV that finally finished production.  Yay!  After a return trip to Maryland, we packed it up and headed to Lake Greenwood in South Carolina, in search for warmer weather.

And it is most definitely warmer here than the mid-Atlantic!  I’ll be in SC for several weeks, working out the bugs and learning all the gizmos and gadgets on the RV.  And getting back to my passion…..photographing birds and being one with nature.

Here’s a sampling of what I’ve already captured in less than an hour around our campsite.  🙂


DSC_4808-1 111119

Northern Cardinal


DSC_4794-1 111119

Red-bellied Woodpecker


DSC_4829-1 111119

Northern Mockingbird


DSC_4813-1 111119

Northern Mockingbird


DSC_4818-2 111119

Great Blue Heron


I can already tell I’m going to have a lot of fun getting back to birding and nature!

Thanks for catching up with me, I will soon be by to catch up with all of you.  🙂



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