Western Kingbird Takes On A Raven

Filing away photos, I came across a folder within a folder of photos taken a few years back while camping at Lake Powell, Arizona.  The following three-photo action series was already processed and ready to share.

So here you go!


There once was a Common Raven….

DSC_9534-1 71416 (2)

“Here me roar….”


who landed in a Western Kingbird’s territory.

DSC_9545-1 71416

“I see you below me, Mr Raven……time for you to go!”


The Western Kingbird was not happy with this uninvited intruder and bravely attacked the Common Raven numerous times.

He was in such an aggressive, agitated state, the Western Kingbird began snapping his bill and flared the rare appearance of his tiny red crown that is normally hidden under his gray crown.

DSC_9536-1 71416

Western Kingbird, flaring its red crown, attacking the Common Raven


The Common Raven quickly decided to move on, and the Western Kingbird flew back to guard duty high up in his tree.

All in part of a day’s work for the mighty Western Kingbird!



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