Western Kingbird Takes On A Raven

Filing away photos, I came across a folder within a folder of photos taken a few years back while camping at Lake Powell, Arizona.Β  The following three-photo action series was already processed and ready to share.

So here you go!


There once was a Common Raven….

DSC_9534-1 71416 (2)

“Here me roar….”


who landed in a Western Kingbird’s territory.

DSC_9545-1 71416

“I see you below me, Mr Raven……time for you to go!”


The Western Kingbird was not happy with this uninvited intruder and bravely attacked the Common Raven numerous times.

He was in such an aggressive, agitated state, the Western Kingbird began snapping his bill and flared the rare appearance of his tiny red crown that is normally hidden under his gray crown.

DSC_9536-1 71416

Western Kingbird, flaring its red crown, attacking the Common Raven


The Common Raven quickly decided to move on, and the Western Kingbird flew back to guard duty high up in his tree.

All in part of a day’s work for the mighty Western Kingbird!



38 thoughts on “Western Kingbird Takes On A Raven

  1. For some birds, once their territory has been marked, they will defend it even if their lives depend on it! Excellent captures, Donna. πŸ™‚

    • I was shocked as I watched and photographed the action, but then quickly learned that the Western Kingbird will defend his territory even against hawks. Kudos to the little guys!! No one was hurt, and I think the Raven was lucky. Having a great week, Takami, I hope you are too!

  2. “You are OUTTA HERE!” I’m imagining the voice of an umpire. πŸ˜„

    Late last week, I watched a crow aggravate the crap out of a squirrel in my front yard sugar maple tree. I had to laugh. That squirrel was just a barking and the crow kept messing with him. He seemed to be enjoying himself (herself?).

    • Spot on!! I can hear that umpire, lol. I can imagine the crow and squirrel. Sometimes it seems wildlife will tease another species just for the fun of it. I’ve seen Eagles seem to love to scare other birds, I think they fly low sometimes just to see them scatter, when they obviously don’t go after one for a meal. πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, that was a good moment to happen upon, and capture. “A Folder within a Folder” would make a good title for a series. I am still finding some surprises as I peruse my drives.

  4. Great Shots Donna!
    Ravens are very smart birds,probably the smartest. They know the only birds that are brave enough to attack are the ones that are far quicker than they are! Plus they will always attack from the rear!

  5. A great little story Donna, and so much like our aggressive little birds here, they are just so brave and bold and will take on much larger birds which would normally kill and eat them. But persistent aggression pays off in the long run, coupled with their agility and speed compared to the larger Raven, even though it is more intelligent.

      • Absolutely! We are always seeing mockingbirds attack American Crows. Not long ago, I watched 2 mockingbirds attack a red shoulder hawk. Then the cardinals and blue jays attacked as well. The red shoulder hawk wasn’t fazed as it ate whatever bird it attacked in the close knit bird families. I suspect it was a Carolina Wren because they were going crazy. It was awesome to see all the other species come to their defense even though the damage was done. That they were working together was amazing. Humanity could take a page from that book! 😊

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