White-throated Sparrow

After almost two weeks, I’ve quickly learned where some of the birds actually like to hang out within our community.

One bird is the White-throated Sparrow, who most times quickly drops into the bushes from its perch before I’m even close to its ‘area’.

We’ve crossed paths often, and I must have picked its curiosity of me.Β  A couple days ago, it actually stayed perched while keeping its eye on me.Β  I quickly took a couple photos and moved on, allowing the adorable sparrow to stay put and continue his rest.


DSC_5058-1 112019

White-throated Sparrow


Now hopefully, (s)he will be a little trusting again and pose another time for me if we cross paths again.Β  πŸ˜‰



22 thoughts on “White-throated Sparrow

  1. What a nice friendship you are developing! I wish I could be as successful with our little Carolina Wren. She is much too quick for me.

  2. Sweet thing! I have seen so many WTSs this fall, the most ever, and many are still lingering below the feeders. They seldom stay once the snow comes, however.

    • (S)he is! How wonderful to see many this past fall! I had looked them up before posting and found they breed mostly in Canada and migrate down through the U.S. Maybe a cousin of your WTS’s is visiting me! πŸ˜‰

  3. The White-throated Sparrow is a “serious-looking” sparrow, It goes right down to business and doesn’t flight around like the other sparrows. I like the bright yellow brow that can be seen from far. I’m sure that you’ll see him a lot. Nice shot! πŸ™‚

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