The Number is Three

I captured these three birds in flight here at Lake Greenwood.

I’ve seen quite a few Turkey Vultures.  This one was circling me nicely….I moved around so he’d know I wasn’t dead for dinner!  😉


DSC_4713-1 111719

Turkey Vulture


I certainly wish I had seen this next juvenile Bald Eagle coming at me instead of heading away.   I’ve been told there is a pair of adult Eagles on the lake, I’ve been watching for them.

DSC_5066-1 112019

Bald Eagle (juvenile)


And finally, this Blue Jay was bulleting across the landscape, like they always do.

DSC_5070-2 112019

Blue Jay


I hope everyone that celebrated had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  We were home with family.  Here’s my three little chickadees…..I mean, grandsons…..letting me take a dozen photos to capture ‘one decent’ one!  🙂




We all know birds and kids don’t sit still for long!



52 thoughts on “The Number is Three

  1. Lovely you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Donna, and what a lovely shot of your grandsons also. Love that bullet photo of your beautiful Blue Jay. It is amazing how fast these birds can fly and the remarkable accuracy as they fly rapidly between tree branches. Birds think and act much faster than us, so they probably see us in slow motion 🙂 Enjoy your week Donna! Our city is covered in thick smoke as our nearby national parks burn. 😦

    • Thank you, Ashley, my grandboys are pretty special, I enjoyed the day with them! I was hoping you’d like that Blue Jay in flight! They do fly amazingly fast and accurate as you say.

      I am sorry to hear the smoke has thickened in your city and the NPs are still burning strong. Please stay safe.

  2. The juvenile eagle photo is beautiful with the wing tip details. The blue jay is on a serious mission, wow! So nice for you guys to be with family. 😎

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