Cardinal Angels

Today marks five years of my Mom’s passing.  I still miss her so much.  Although there are still many difficult moments like right now, I have learned to smile and live the good memories.

Days after Mom’s passing, someone passed on to my daughter, who passed on to me, the saying, “When Cardinals appear, Angels are near.”

DSC_4861-1 111719

Northern Cardinal (male)

I had never heard this before.  And I loved Cardinals, but rarely ever seen any, although I was always looking.  Red is my favorite color, and I considered the Cardinal in my top five favorite birds.

Within days after the funeral, suddenly, I saw a Cardinal.  And then soon another.  Weeks later, another.  And many since.  When I’d least expect it.  At times when life wasn’t going as planned.  At times when I needed my Mom.  At times when I needed to smile.

DSC_4855-1 111719.jpg

Northern Cardinal (male)

From the time I saw that first Cardinal after her passing, I started saying, “Hi Mom, miss you”.  Maybe I said a few other things.  At first, of course, the tears would flow uncontrollably.  But it also felt good, a comfort.

So I kept on doing it.

And today, five years later, I still do it; but now with that smile I mentioned.  😊

DSC_5081-1 112019

Northern Cardinals (males)

Since arriving to South Carolina, I have Angels flying everywhere!

The RV resort is host to a number of resident Cardinals.  The first morning after our arrival, we awoke to five Cardinals sitting on the bush outside our RV window.  My smile was a mile wide as I said, “Hi Mom!”

DSC_5078-1 112019

Northern Cardinal (female)

So maybe what I do seems silly to some, but to me it has become a comfort.  To remind me, even though we are apart, my Mom’s spirit is always with me, forever in my heart.

Love you, Mom, miss you so much.  And Mother Nature, please keep those Cardinals coming!  😊

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