Cardinal Angels

Today marks five years of my Mom’s passing.  I still miss her so much.  Although there are still many difficult moments like right now, I have learned to smile and live the good memories.

Days after Mom’s passing, someone passed on to my daughter, who passed on to me, the saying, “When a Cardinal appears, an Angel is near.”


DSC_4861-1 111719

Northern Cardinal (male)


I had never heard this before.  And I loved Cardinals, but rarely ever seen any, although I was always looking.  Red is my favorite color, and I considered the Cardinal in my top five favorite birds.

Within days after the funeral, suddenly, I saw a Cardinal.  And then soon another.  Weeks later, another.  And many since.  When I’d least expect it.  At times when life wasn’t going as planned.  At times when I needed my Mom.  At times when I needed to smile.


DSC_4855-1 111719.jpg

Northern Cardinal (male)


From the time I saw that first Cardinal after her passing, I started saying, “Hi Mom, miss you”.  Maybe I said a few other things.  At first, of course, the tears would flow uncontrollably.  But it also felt good, a comfort.

So I kept on doing it.

And today, five years later, I still do it; but now with that smile I mentioned.  😊


DSC_5081-1 112019

Northern Cardinals (males)


Since arriving to South Carolina, I have Angels flying everywhere!

Our RV resort is host to a number of resident Cardinals.  The first morning after our arrival, we awoke to five Cardinals sitting on the bush outside our RV window.  My smile was a mile wide as I said, “Hi Mom!”


DSC_5078-1 112019

Northern Cardinal (female)


So maybe what I do seems silly to some, but to me it has become a comfort.  To remind me, even though we are apart, my Mom’s spirit is always with me, forever in my heart.

Love you, Mom, miss you so much.  And Mother Nature, please keep those Cardinals coming!  😊



47 thoughts on “Cardinal Angels

  1. Hello Donna, this brought a tear to my eye. I am sorry your mother passed away 5 years ago, but glad that the appearance of these cardinals brings a smile to you heart. Thank you for sharing with us, and as always, such beautiful photos.

  2. I adore them. I must have angels looking after me, Ken & this house. From the time I moved in, nearly nine years ago, we keep a pair, nesting close by…sometimes, more than one pair. I’ve watched them chase their babies around, as they learned to use their wings.

    I grew up with them as a child. They don’t migrate. They never leave. I think that is the reason they are our state bird…VA’s, too. I missed them, terribly, when I moved to TX.

    One bird I grew up with that didn’t ‘seem’ to migrate was the Robin. I saw them all the time as a child. Now, I rarely see them. When I moved to TX, no Cardinals and Robins only showed up in the Spring. So, naturally I thought there just weren’t that many in TX. I move back home a decade later and…no Robins. For the first two years, I saw some in the Spring & that was it. Now, nothing. I wish I knew what happened.

    I am sorry for the loss of your mom. I miss my grandmothers. My parents are still alive but, I have little to do with them.

    • Thank you, Vic, for your share ❤ Your grandmothers are watching over you! I always think of my grandmother too, she was very special to me, and Pop Pop too.

      It’s a shame the changes in climate and environment have the birds moving around/away from their homes of long ago, I wonder if they feel confusion or is it an instinct born within to go when they feel they must.

      I thought the Cardinal was the state bird for a couple states; I just searched to confirm, then found out all these states have it as their official state bird – Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. How nice!

  3. What a great way to remember your mother and to be reminded of her. A cardinal used to be one of my favorite birds. Actually it still is but now I prefer the female cardinal over the male. Over the years the female has somehow acquired a “quiet” beauty in my mind while the male has become too garish. Oh crap, am I getting old?! 🙂

  4. Red has long been a favorite color of mine and have always been thrilled to see cardinals, but had never heard the angel story. Thanks so much for sharing it! Happy travels…

  5. It was 5 years in July since my mom passed. I hadn’t heard the cardinal story either until this past weekend when I was at Wild Birds Unlimited. It was on a coffee mug with a cardinal. I immediately thought of my mom. Nothing silly about having angels look out for you. We have a pair in our yard, but in the spring, we have 5-6 pairs. They are awesome birds! Thanks for sharing your story.

      • Yes plus all the chicks. We usually have 1-3 chicks fledge with each pair. It is quite something to watch. We have a fountain in our backyard & it’s fun to watch them teach the young to survive. Then we have a red- shoulder hawk sitting on our feeders yesterday. Ugh! I know he had to eat too but he can go somewhere else. 😉

  6. My Mom passed away many years ago, but I still miss her very much. I live in Georgia surrounded by Cardinals, I must be residing in heavens! I understand perfectly what you say, my friend Donna. Thank you for letting me know. 🙂 ❤

  7. What a beautiful connection you have with your mum Donna, it almost makes me want to cry! You had such a wonderful relationship with your mum and miss her so much, and the Cardinal angels have become your sweet memory reminder of her love. Such a beautiful strength for you as you navigate your grief. Tears are our emotional drainage system and are so important for our health when suffering loss. The Lord continue to comfort you through the memory of your mum, and the legacy she left you. Your Cardinals do for you what my little friend Buth the Butcherbird does for me every time I hear his happy call. Birds are medicinal, they don’y just improve nature but also our human nature. Blessings dear friend:-)

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