Red-shouldered Hawk at Sunrise

There was a glorious sunrise this morning.  I was out the door to capture it cresting up over the hill from us.

DSC_8325-1 12519

This morning’s sunrise


The weather report promised a beautiful day in the 60s.  I did a few quick chores and was back out to find who else was out so early this morning.

Within minutes, I spotted a Red-shouldered Hawk perched, scanning its perimeter for breakfast.


DSC_5476-1 12519

Red-shouldered Hawk


Afraid I might see an attack on an unsuspected victim, I shot some photos hoping I got the glint in its eye and quickly moved on.

During the next 20 minutes from across our community, I would glance back at the hawk where it remained poised and focused.  It was so beautiful in the morning sunlight, even at a distance.

One more glance and suddenly the hawk dove out of sight, but quickly came back up empty talons (whew!).  It continued into flight….

Flying right over me and out of sight.


DSC_5563-1 12519

Red-shouldered Hawk


The hawk was the beginning of an awesome birding morning!


34 thoughts on “Red-shouldered Hawk at Sunrise

  1. Morning Donna,
    This is Joan, we were in lot 77 last month. Sure am enjoying how you capture these beautiful creatures! Merry Christmas & keep the beauty coming😊

  2. This is a gorgeous bird! You captured his beauty perfectly, Donna. The sunrise is as wonderful as your sunsets previously. Is there anything you can’t do? 😎

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