Camellias in the Fall

The Camellia plants are still producing lots of flowers since we’ve not really had any frost or freezing temperatures this Fall.  They’re in a well protective area in the community where the winds haven’t been detrimental to them either.

DSC_5959-1 12719

Opening Camellia


The still-blooming flowers bask in the morning sunlight.


DSC_5960-1 12719

A Camellia’s final days.  No longer perfect, but the changing purplish coloring is beautiful.


Even the bees are still around, feeding on them.


DSC_5147-1 112019.jpg

Camellia and busy bee


Soon the buds and flowers will demise with Winter, and the Mother plants will bundle up their energy to save for the reappearance of their bright, beautiful ‘jewels’ in the Spring.


(These are my photos, Vic! 😉)



37 thoughts on “Camellias in the Fall

  1. Lucky you, to have such beautiful flowers in the fall. We had red and white camellias at our first townhouse on Capital Hill, and they were in a protected area as well. I loved their blooms. Thanks for sharing.

  2. At my old house I had a winter Camellia that was on its last legs, but when it was at its peak it was gorgeous! I miss it and my Hydrangea.

    Yours is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing it and stoking the memory files of mine.

      • On Camellias I’ve seen any blooms that are open when it goes below freezing are killed, especially if the tree is out in the open, but the buds survive. A tree that you thought was done for the season can pop out more blossoms a day or two later.

  3. Hmmm… it seems our camellias bloom in the spring, get rained on and turn brown and disappear. You have no idea how lucky you are.

    • The the frost couple days ago did some real damage to the flowers. But the buds looked intact still. Fellow blogger, Ellen, said the buds can survive and will continue to possibly open throughout the winter if the freezing temps to stay. I’ll not get to experience this, we’re already back home in Maryland for the holidays. Made it home ahead of the snow/ice storm occurring today. Whew!

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