Common Loons

In the early morning and late evening hours on Lake Greenwood, you can hear the distant eerie calls of the Loons echoing over the quiet waters.


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Common Loons


Have you ever heard them?

Common Loons have four distinct calls to identify.


The tremelo call, also known as the “crazy laugh”, used to signal alarm.


The wail call, also known as the “wolf’s howl”, used during social interactions between loons, to locate a mate during the night, and in answering other loon tremolos.


The Yodel call is given only by the male to defend his territory.


The Hoot call is a one-note call used by family members to locate each other and check on their well-being.

(All Loon audios courtesy “The Loon Preservation Committee” at


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Common Loons at sunset


Distinguishing their calls gives insight on what they’re doing….

and us knowing it’s not some wild animal somewhere nearby on land.  😉


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Common Loons swimming off into the sunset



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