Florida’s Pelicans


After years of wanting to visit Florida’s remote Everglades National Park and surrounding areas, we’ve finally made it this winter, setting up camp alongside the Barron River in Everglades City.


DSC_6249-1 1120

Brown Pelican


Everglades City is a total of 1.2 square miles (3.1 km) with a resident population of less than 500.  No main stores, no fast food, just a small, resilient fishing community that has endured hurricane after hurricane, their last major devastation occurring with Irma in September 2017.


DSC_6338-1 1120

Brown Pelican


DSC_6249-2 1120

Brown Pelican


We picked Everglades City for its laid-back/no crowds atmosphere and as an excellent nature/wildlife pivot point to the surrounding nature areas.  No traffic congestion here.


DSC_6261-1 1120

White Pelicans


When I would think of Florida as a kid, I would think Pelicans.  They were cool with their awkwardness and prehistoric looks.


DSC_6262-1 1120

White Pelicans


DSC_6338-2 1120

Brown Pelican – “Why The Long Face?”


I will enjoy my Pelican opportunities!



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