A Friendly Feathered Face – Osprey


I knew I’d be back in the loop with my favorite bird, the Osprey, once we settled in Florida.  😊


DSC_6235-1 1120



Our Chesapeake Bay region Osprey arrive in March and then migrate August/September to the South America region for the winter.

Here in Florida, Osprey are year-round residents.  Mated pairs are rebonding and building nests here already.


DSC_6238-1 1120



I’m guessing you know you’ll be seeing more of this bird in my future posts.  😉



39 thoughts on “A Friendly Feathered Face – Osprey

  1. Wonderful shots, Donna! I have the feeling that you are where you wanted to be! I’m sure that we’ll be seeing incredible photographs soon. I’m so glad for you. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos, Donna! They are year-around residents at our lakes and rivers in Texas as well. A few years back, I caught an Osprey fishing at the release gate by one of our lake dams on my camera. It was a beautiful sight.

    • Thank you, Tanja! Osprey are super entertaining. When we moved to Maryland 14 years ago, there was a community Osprey nest platform a couple hundred feet from our third floor balcony. I quickly became fascinated, bought a camera, and fell in love with Osprey. Additional birds, cameras and lenses followed. It was indeed the Osprey that started it all for me! 😊

      • Ah, the Osprey were “guilty” of you beginning to photograph. 😄😉 In my case, my parents are the “guilty” ones. But I abandoned it for a little while, until we went on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Before that trip, I purchased my first Nikon, back in 2008. Photography is such a beautiful addiction. 💗

  3. I heard the same thing about Osprey living all year in FL and when I visited my Mom I found that to be true! I wish I was able to get this close to one though. None of my images are this good from the one Osprey I saw there.

    Are you living a Snowbird life now? I’ve always thought that it was so romantic and cosmopolitan to live that way and life I want that in my Golden years. When I have grown up I want to live that life!

    • I’m sighting Osprey all over Florida in our travels. Just doesn’t seem possible ‘on my calendar’ lol. But I am utterly enjoying them!

      This winter we are Snowbirds, we’ll be here through March. We hope to travel the country for the next few years, knock off bucket list locations, and enjoy not only the destination, but the journeys getting us there. Some friends think we’re crazy, but we find it enchanting on being a ‘road gypsy’! 😊

  4. Fantastic to have them on hand daily. We have one that makes an off season visit, and stirs quite a lot of interest among the local birders. However it is not regular, and the next closest Osprey would be several hundred kilometres away. Still great to have its company for a short while.

    • Osprey are so entertaining, I enjoy watching them. Since their comeback from the ban of pesticides, we are very fortunate to have an abundance of Osprey in the United States who are accustomed to having humans near them. I follow a couple UK Osprey blogs, where life is much different for them, living usually a distance from humans. Still very great to have their company even if briefly!

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