Big Gators and Little Gators

There are roughly 1.25 million alligators living in Florida.

If you’re out exploring nature for wildlife in south/southwest Florida, you’re going to see alligators lurking in the wild.


DSC_6698-1 1720

Alligator – “Swamp Skimming”


DSC_6888-1 1720

Alligator – “Big Boy” or “Voluptuous Gal”


DSC_6896-1 1720

Alligator – “Toothy Grin”


DSC_6897-1 1720

Alligator – “I think I’ve outgrown my log couch”



A different day, I found three juvenile alligators sunning in the early afternoon.  They were about two feet long.


DSC_6437-1 1320

Little Alligators – see all three?


I spotted Momma Alligator hiding across the swamp about 60-70 feet away…..just her eyes above the water…..looking my way.

I couldn’t get a decent photo of her from where I was standing and decided it wasn’t a good idea to hang around for one.

I looked back at the juveniles and snapped a couple more shots, as they went on with their afternoon nap.

Those little alligators knew they were safe.  😉


DSC_6442-2 1320

Juvenile Alligator – “Snoozin’ with a smile”


— Adult alligator photos taken at Big Cypress Swamp National Preserve


— Juvenile alligator photos taken at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park



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