Northern Parulas

I’ve seen several new bird lifers since arriving to Florida, but they’re in a fleeting moment, winging by me.  No time to even think about putting a lens on them.  So ‘for me’, they don’t count towards my ‘number’.  A lifer seen can only be counted if I score a photo to prove it.  🙂

Sooooo…..I finally got a photo of a new lifer, yay!  A small warbler called the Northern Parula.

I had no idea what the flock of unfamiliar birds were, creating a lovely, exciting noise above me.

They came with a burst through the forest, making quick stops on branches, then taking off again.  I tried my best with hopes of luck to lock on at least one hopefully.


One Northern Parula, two angles


DSC_6533-2 1320

Another Northern Parula


Northern Parulas are considered an eastern warbler, but they occasionally breed along California’s coast as well as in New Mexico and Arizona.  The key to their presence is moss; Spanish moss in the south and beard moss in the boreal forest farther north.


DSC_6519-1 1320

And another Northern Parula, with a small worm


They continued their burst through the overhead tree canopy and were gone, both in sight and sound, in less than a minute.

Welcome to my lifer list, Northern Parula #194!


— Photos taken along the Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk at the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve.



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