Loggerhead Shrikes

Another bird I am seeing frequently is the Loggerhead Shrike.

I sighted this song bird perched high in a tree above the Everglades NP Gulf Coast Visitor Center.  I actually heard it first.


DSC_6187-1 1120

Loggerhead Shrike – there you are!


Most times I’m seeing one perched on a communications wire.

Oops, here’s one of them!


DSC_7248-1 11320

Loggerhead Shrike


It is called a “Loggerhead”, which is a synonym for “blockhead”, referring to this bird’s unusually large head in relation to its body.



33 thoughts on “Loggerhead Shrikes

  1. What a beauty! The shrikes who visit us during the winter have a different appearance, so it’s a real treat to see different types of these tiny (but mighty) hunters 🙂

  2. Great shots of one of my favorite birds, Donna! It’s amazing how such plain colors can be so handsome.

    One neat habit of this bird is storing some of its prey in the fork of a tree branch to form a “larder” it will use when food may be scarce, such as during winter.

  3. I love the shrikes. We saw 3 of them down in Ft. Desoto during New Years. What was interesting was they were close on vicinity. Never saw that in all the years of birding.

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