Red-shouldered Hawk Watching Me

My goodness, I actually went right by this Red-shouldered Hawk, while I was trying to follow another bird in flight.

Thankfully my peripheral caught it, and I slowly stepped back a few in hopes s/he wouldn’t fly.


DSC_6874-1 1720

Red-shouldered Hawk watching me


Just after I snapped the above shot, the hawk took flight.


DSC_6868-1 1720

Red-shouldered Hawk


S/he didn’t fly very far before landing again.


DSC_6866-1 1720

Red-shouldered Hawk


DSC_6866-3 1720

Red-shouldered Hawk Close-up (cropped from the above photo)


Wow, I loved how close we were to each other!Β  Close enough to feel the intent stares thrown my way.Β  I gave a quick “thank you” to the hawk and left it to get back to its hunt.

Β — Photos taken at Big Cypress Swamp National Preserve



44 thoughts on “Red-shouldered Hawk Watching Me

    • Thank you, Jane! I was glad my shots showed that ‘red shoulder’. My usual RSHawk shots are so high up in a tree that you can’t ‘see’ the shoulder so well. πŸ™‚

  1. That’s a gorgeous healthy bird! Raptors are always sharp looking with attractive plumage. Great job, Donna. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Ashley! It’s a bit unusual to find a hawk perched so low to the ground, at my ‘short’ level, so I was thrilled! And to think I almost continued on by without seeing it….. 😲

  2. Great photos of an absolutely gorgeous bird. Very well captured, Donna. A good crop at the end too.

  3. I live in Norfolk in the UK. Near us, we quite often see or hear barn owls and we saw a little owl once, which was adorable! No photos, alas. I don’t have your expertise.

  4. Simply marvelous shooting. Your catch of the flight is perfect, not an easy thing to do. I know from experience! It’s such a lovely, imposing bird.

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