Eastern Phoebes

The Eastern Phoebe is a loner, rarely coming in contact with other phoebes. Even members of a mated pair do not spend much time together.


DSC_6634-1 1720

Eastern Phoebe


There are a lot of Eastern Phoebes around, teasing for their shot of fame.

These are my two favorite photos so far from the last few weeks.  I couldn’t single it to one.


DSC_6885-2 1720

Eastern Phoebe


Did you know the Eastern Phoebe was the first banded bird in North America?

John James Audubon attached silvered thread to an Eastern Phoebe’s leg to track its return in successive years.



26 thoughts on “Eastern Phoebes

  1. I think your composition and framing with branches is excellent in both photos but I like the second one a little better. The “face” is fully lit and you have the sharp focus on the eye with the glint.

  2. What a beautiful bird. I was not aware of it being the first bird banded in the States. I am so happy you could enjoy some time with these avian friends 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures Donna! The only Phoebe I have ever seen. that I’m aware of, was on the AC compressor outside the window at CBEC. I remember asking Judy Wink what it was, and she ID’d it for me.

  4. One of these beauties actually showed up in Colorado Springs last spring, much to the delight of the local birding community. Excitingly, it was a life bird for me then. 😊

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