A bird that flourishes year-round in the Everglades is the fascinating, elegant Anhinga.


DSC_7125-1 11120

Anhinga, adult male


The adult male has greenish-black plumage overall, accentuated with silver-gray feathers and long white plumes.

The adult female is a bit lighter overall and their head is a pale brown.


DSC_6551-2 1320

Anhinga, female


DSC_6761-2 1720

Angina, immature or female


Immatures have light brown heads also, so they are difficult to ID whether male or female until they reach adulthood in two years.


DSC_7394-1 11620

Anhinga, immature, drying its feathers


Unlike most waterbirds, Anhingas do not have waterproof feathers.  It’s actually a plus for them; their wet feathers and dense bones help Anhingas slowly submerge their bodies under the water so they can slyly stalk fish.

The above youngster had something to say to me….



DSC_7405-2 11620

Anhinga, immature, talkin’ to me


DSC_7405-1 11620

Anhinga, immature


I was close enough to get some nice close-ups of its dark red eye and yellowish feet.  The eye will turn bright red in adulthood.



DSC_7500-4 11620

Anhinga, immature


DSC_7108-1 11120

Anhinga, immature



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