I’ve seen and heard Killdeers fly by in pairs and small flocks several times in past weeks.  I finally sighted a pair of these pretty plovers on the ground.


DSC_7921-1 12820



Their bold red eye-ring is quite stunning.


DSC_7932-1 12820



While the above one foraged away from me, I captured the other Killdeer preening, giving a glimpse of its bright orange-buff rump that is usually only visible during flight.


Killdeer preening, giving a glimpse of their bright orange-buff rump


DSC_7949-1 12820

“I’m all done my preening, how do I look?”    🙂



40 thoughts on “Killdeers

  1. Beautiful pictures of such a pretty bird. By coincidence I photographed some killdeers by the side of the road in tidal marshes on Hooper’s Island today, when we made our annual birding trek. I did get pictures of the bird in flight with the buff rump, so greatly enjoyed your comments and description. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Susan! I didn’t think Killdeer hung around for the winter but I’ve seen them at Blackwater NWR too. I hope you were able to stop at Old Salty’s for a bite to eat. One of our favorite restaurants!

  2. Nice little birds! I hope to see some this year, it’s been a while since I photographed them. Great shots, Donna. 🙂

    • Thank you, Cindy! You are absolutely correct! They do their little ‘bob, bob’ at you, then look at you, repeat, repeat, and if comfortable, they will ‘strike a pose….vogue vogue vogue…’. lol 😍

  3. Nice Killdeer images Donna! Enjoyed seeing them! At one park near where we used to live they were quite a few around. They were fun to photograph! They seemed to be always in motion darting around!

  4. Nice photos!! Here in west Texas we seem to have them around all year. Very active and fun to watch!! thanks for posting, hugs

  5. we had killdeers nesting in our gravel lane for a couple years…we had to mark it so no one would accidentily drive over it. I know my dad took photos of the nest, but not sure if I can find it
    Great photos!

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