Common Gallinule


The Common Gallinule is charcoal black with a white stripe, sports a bright red ‘shield’ on its forehead, and a red bill tipped in yellow.


DSC_9185-1 2320

Common Gallinule


This bird is in the rail family and was formerly known as the Common Moorhen.


DSC_8860-1 2320

Common Gallinule


I always think of candy corn when I see their beak.  🙂



36 thoughts on “Common Gallinule

  1. I love the photos and the candy corn reference! I’m really enjoying all your Florida birds, as they bring back so many good memories of Florida trips we’ve taken.

  2. Marvelous images. I think my bird-buddy pointed out one of these cool looking birds, but I’ll be damned if I can remember where or when. 😉

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