Blue-winged Teal


I’ve photographed Blue-winged Teal before, but only at a great distance.

So it was exciting to find them closer to the shoreline at the 10,000 Islands NWR in the Everglades NP.

Warning… overload!


DSC_0285-1 2620

Blue-winged Teal among the mangroves at 10,000 Islands NWR


The ops got even better when a few pairs would break away from the group and come in closer.


DSC_9342-1 2320

Blue-winged Teal (male leading female)


DSC_2147-1 21620

Blue-wing Teal


DSC_2175-1 21620

Blue-winged Teal


During one of my morning visits, the entire flock took flight, one group after another.

DSC_0342-1 2620

Blue-winged Teal in flight

DSC_0344-1 2620


They turned their flight slightly more to the left, and flew on by me.

DSC_0347-1 2620 2

Blue -winged Teal


DSC_0347-12 2620

Blue-winged Teal


DSC_0349-1 2620

Blue-winged Teal


DSC_0352-2 2620

Blue-winged Teal


I stayed with them as much as I could.  It is always exciting to get a flock in flight!

Sorry, too many favorites, just two more of the male.


DSC_2086-1 21620

Blue-winged Teal (male)


DSC_9339-1 2320

Blue-winged Teal


P.S.  I’ll be absent from the internet for a few days, I’ll catch up soon as I can when I return!

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