Blue-winged Teal


I’ve photographed Blue-winged Teal before, but only at a great distance.

So it was exciting to find them closer to the shoreline at the 10,000 Islands NWR in the Everglades NP.

Warning… overload!


DSC_0285-1 2620

Blue-winged Teal among the mangroves at 10,000 Islands NWR


The ops got even better when a few pairs would break away from the group and come in closer.


DSC_9342-1 2320

Blue-winged Teal (male leading female)


DSC_2147-1 21620

Blue-wing Teal


DSC_2175-1 21620

Blue-winged Teal


During one of my morning visits, the entire flock took flight, one group after another.

DSC_0342-1 2620

Blue-winged Teal in flight

DSC_0344-1 2620


They turned their flight slightly more to the left, and flew on by me.

DSC_0347-1 2620 2

Blue -winged Teal


DSC_0347-12 2620

Blue-winged Teal


DSC_0349-1 2620

Blue-winged Teal


DSC_0352-2 2620

Blue-winged Teal


I stayed with them as much as I could.Β  It is always exciting to get a flock in flight!

Sorry, too many favorites, just two more of the male.


DSC_2086-1 21620

Blue-winged Teal (male)


DSC_9339-1 2320

Blue-winged Teal


P.S.Β  I’ll be absent from the internet for a few days, I’ll catch up soon as I can when I return!

53 thoughts on “Blue-winged Teal

    • Thank you, Brian! I love ducks and getting these opportunities were a thrill for me. There were a couple other nearby photographers/birders, I remember kinda shouting, “BWTeal taking flight!” 😊 I’m usually quiet, lol.

    • Thank you, Reed, I just mentioned to Brian how much a thrill it was getting these close opportunities for me, especially when they took flight! Gosh, I LOVE the challenge of flight! πŸ˜‰

  1. Donna these are great! I love the wing patterns of the flock in flight. You had ideal lighting and calm water for beautiful reflections. Congrats on these beauties! I remember doing at boat tour at 10,000 Islands in 2018. What a great place.

  2. I understand your joy in finding these flocks of the gorgeous blue-winged teal, Donna. Great photos in flight, close-ups, wonderful with the mangrove background. Thanks so much for bringing them to us.

  3. Absolutely incredible flight shots there! I love the flashes of blue on the wings of each. I’ve never seen that many in one spot. And most of my photos of them are blurry shots as they rapidly retreat into hiding behind the marsh grasses. Great job! William — “What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at Your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.” Psalms 104 The Message

    • Thank you, William! I’ve photographed them as a flock in flight before when they were so far away, and my photos didn’t do them justice. I was super-thrilled when I downloaded these! The morning light did most of the work. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Ellen! Me too! I know my brain was shouting ‘turn, turn’ as they started banking to the left, hoping I could get the morning light on their wings. πŸ™‚

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