Snowy Egret With The Golden Slippers


Another Egret plentiful in Florida is the elegant Snowy Egret.  They are easily identifiable with their bright yellow feet or “golden slippers”.


DSC_0025-1 2620

Snowy Egret in flight


DSC_0297-1 2620

Snowy Egret landing


DSC_0374-1 2620

Snowy Egret Portrait


Snowy Egrets use their bright yellow feet to stir up or probe in the mud, rounding up prey to strike with its bill.


DSC_0497-1 2620

Snowy Egret stirring its feet while stalking for prey


DSC_0475-1 2620

Snowy Egret with a snack


Although the front of their legs are black, the back of the Snowy Egrets’ legs are yellow like their feet as seen in the next photo.


DSC_8616-1 13120

Snowy Egret


So stylish with those “golden slippers”….


DSC_8634-1 13120

Snowy Egret going down an embankment to the water


Want to see those “golden slippers” up close?

(click on photos to enlarge)


Snowy Egret’s yellow feet or “golden slippers”


With the breeding season beginning, those feet will brighten even more!


DSC_0482-1 2620

A Snowy Egret spots another Snowy Egret – it’s breeding time!



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