Royal Terns

I’ve captured the Royal Tern before in past years, but found I hadn’t listed it on my lifer list.  Bad slip on my part!

This time I’m not missing the chance, adding the Royal Tern as #197.

I found Royal Terns in their non-breeding plumage around the Everglades NP Gulf Coast location.  They favored the channel markers.


DSC_3472-1 22120

Royal Terns


DSC_3510-1 22120

Royal Terns


DSC_3523-1 22120

Royal Terns


Royal Terns are graceful flyers and reside along warm saltwater coasts.

Royal Tern in flight


DSC_3472-2 22120

Royal Terns Close-up


Don’t you just love those shaggy crests?!!  🙂



44 thoughts on “Royal Terns

  1. Great shots! Love the glint in the eye of the bird on the right in the bottom photo. When I as at Hilton Head Island for week during this past Christmas, I got to find out their behavior is as funny as their appearance! I had time to watch several terns as they just stood there on the beach, but at times turning toward each other and squawking quite a bit. William

    • Awwww….you noticed, Brian! 🙂 I was reviewing my list and marveling it, lol, then saw the Royal Tern was not on it. What??!!! Hold the press!!!! So I sat and literally went through my list and my bird photo filing system one by one and found I hadn’t listed the Limpkin I just previously posted as well as three others from past couple years. 😲 I won’t let that happen again! lol

  2. Thank you, William! I want to giggle when I look at them and their crests are up; I see a bunch of Moes from the Three Stooges! 😅 Although the ones I photographed were calm and quiet, I learned they are one of the noisiest terns, their colony at night squawks continuously. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos and detail Donna – as always! 🙂 I love their positions, and the way they all line up parallel to each other. You obviously are in an ideal spot and weather for capturing so many different and interesting birds. I love that you are sharing them with us. The next best thing (but not a replacement) to being there!

    • Thank you, Susan! It is bird heaven here, I am enjoying it very much, as well as the weather. 🙂 We’ve been to Shark Valley that you mentioned, that was very nice, we’ve been taking our bikes and riding the 15 mile loop. Hard to bike and take photos, lol, I’ve just been enjoying the ride and scenery there….and avoiding the alligators crossing the bike path! 🙂

  4. Donna, I thoroughly enjoy your photos as you travel and photograph our beautiful birds. You are very talented and love that you share with us not so talented.

  5. Shaggy crests… I was thinking Maybelline-enhanced eye lashes patterned with Hollywood orange lipstick. How very Vogue! “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!” 😉🤩😍😘👀💋😎😆

    Just gorgeous…

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