Royal Terns

I’ve captured the Royal Tern before in past years, but found I hadn’t listed it on my lifer list.  Bad slip on my part!

This time I’m not missing the chance, adding the Royal Tern as #197.

I found Royal Terns in their non-breeding plumage around the Everglades NP Gulf Coast location.  They favored the channel markers.


DSC_3472-1 22120

Royal Terns


DSC_3510-1 22120

Royal Terns


DSC_3523-1 22120

Royal Terns


Royal Terns are graceful flyers and reside along warm saltwater coasts.

Royal Tern in flight


DSC_3472-2 22120

Royal Terns Close-up


Don’t you just love those shaggy crests?!!  🙂



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