Osprey Hanging Out To Dry

There are several established Osprey nests in Everglades City.Β  Incubating is in full swing at each of them.

Near one of the nests, I found the incubating Osprey’s mate perched nearby on guard duty and air-drying.

Someone got a bath or hopefully had just caught and delivered a fish to it’s mate in the nest!

DSC_3165-1 21920

Osprey Drying


A little flapping to help speed up the drying….

DSC_3173-1 21920

Osprey Flapping Wings to Dry


DSC_3174-1 21920



DSC_3175-1 21920

Osprey Flapping Wings to Dry


After all the flapping, it was back to guard duty and sunning.

DSC_3176-1 21920

Beautiful & Refreshed
(Osprey looking over to its mate and nest)



50 thoughts on “Osprey Hanging Out To Dry

  1. Wow such great captures Donna. It is interesting that so many birds that depend on getting wet to get their food need to dry their wings, and do not necessarily have adequate waterproofing. I was amazed to find that some species of duck have to be careful how long they spend in the water or they may sink and drown, where as some other species live sitting and diving on the water all their lives. I guess the spreading of wings to dry makes busy birds rest and contemplate, which us busy humans don’t take time to do enough of πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Ashley! Including your comments, it is interesting on the differences between birds that depend on water. I love the drying and resting/contemplating thought! πŸ™‚

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