Osprey Hanging Out To Dry

There are several established Osprey nests in Everglades City.  Incubating is in full swing at each of them.

Near one of the nests, I found the incubating Osprey’s mate perched nearby on guard duty and air-drying.

Someone got a bath or hopefully had just caught and delivered a fish to it’s mate in the nest!

DSC_3165-1 21920

Osprey Drying


A little flapping to help speed up the drying….

DSC_3173-1 21920

Osprey Flapping Wings to Dry


DSC_3174-1 21920



DSC_3175-1 21920

Osprey Flapping Wings to Dry


After all the flapping, it was back to guard duty and sunning.

DSC_3176-1 21920

Beautiful & Refreshed
(Osprey looking over to its mate and nest)



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