Black-crowned Night Heron

Not only did I get great opportunities with the Warblers I shared in my last post, I felt very lucky spotting this Black-crowned Night Heron hiding on the tree branch over the water.

I’ve never had one of these herons pose so nicely for me instead of jumping/flapping away!

DSC_5286-1 31620

Black-crowned Night Heron


DSC_5276-1 31620

Black-crowned Night Heron – Closeup #1


DSC_5314-2 31620

Black-crowned Night Heron – Closeup #2


DSC_5299-1 31620

Black-crowned Night Heron’s feet


A nice view of their backside of feather coloring.


DSC_5319-1 31620

Black-crowned Night Heron’s backside


Some of my shots had him/her starting to droop its eyes for a nap.Β  Mid-day….yep….nap time!



48 thoughts on “Black-crowned Night Heron

  1. Oh such a treat! These Herons are so good at hiding amongst the branches! Hard enough just to get a good look at them and amazing that you got these beautiful photos! Those eyes and feet! Way cool that you got the backside too…the delicate color variation in the feathers on the wings and the long white feathers from the neck aren’t something one gets to see on a quick sighting! Incredible!

    • Thank you, Carol! I got lucky with one who’s belly must have been full and it was time for a little snoozin’…..besides he knew I couldn’t fit through those trees, lol. πŸ™‚

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